Kjeldahl based Distillation System

Digested samples are then distilled with Sodium Hydroxide, which converts ammonium sulphate to Ammonia. The Amount of Ammonia present and the amount of nitrogen present in the sample is determined by titration. Prokjel Series of Distillation systems follows the above principle of operation with little modernization. Instead of traditional heating of kjeldahl flasks, the borosilicate glass tubes with digested sample is purged with Steam after automatic addition of Sodium Hydroxide. The liberated ammonia is captured in Boric acid that is kept in a conical flask for further titration. Various models are available for customers to choose depending on the process automation that they need.

Standard features include : Automatic Water Dilution (Not possible in PROKJEL M). Automatic Alkali Addition (Not Possible in PROKJEL M). Integrated Micro controller with Large Graphical LCD display. Process sequence like adding alkali, water, steam injection, time delay can be modified by the customer, Auto sequencing of all the process parameters are possible. Super fast Stainless Steel Steam generator with High capacity heater forms the part of Standard supply. Borosilicate glass vessel Steam Generator can also be offered on request. All other features like Tube not in place error, Low water level error, Door open alarm forms part of standard supply.

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