Kjeldahl based Digestion System

Kjeldahl Method consists of heating the substance with sulphuric acid, which decomposes the organic substance by oxidation to liberate the reduced nitrogen as ammonium sulphate. Chemical Decomposition of the sample is complete with initially very dark colored medium has become clear and colorless. PROBLOC pB Series Block Digestion system uses the above principle of operation. Instead of regular kjeldahl flasks Borosilicate Glass Tubes are used. Tubes are available in 100ml (Micro), 250ml (Macro) and 500ml for Direct sample analysis. Various models are available for customers to choose.

Standard features include : Special Aluminum alloy block, Evenly drilled sample positions for faster and proper heat transfer., HDHC cartridge heaters are used for rapid heating of the block, Integrated Micro controller with Large Graphical LCD display,

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